Currently only offering specific commission types through Ko-fi:


Terms of Service (2024)


-All artwork is for personal non-commercial use only.
-Commercial project rates may be negotiated up front for a fee.
-Artwork may never be used for AI, NFT, or crypto purposes.
-I retain the right to use the images in my portfolio, post on social media, and use for self promotional purposes.
-Generally willing to draw most kinds of characters. Humans, animals, anthros/furries, TTRPG characters, etc. are all great. No problem with mild nudity or blood. But I am probably not the artist you are looking for if you want gore, mecha, or cityscape backgrounds.
-I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.


-Payment is accepted through PayPal invoices or
Ko-Fi (when applicable).
-Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
-Work will not begin until payment is received.
-Once work has begun, payment is nonrefundable.
-However, I am willing to split payment into two separate invoices upon client request: with the first invoice being 50% payment for the initial sketch, and the second invoice being for the remaining 50% after approval of the sketch. The above rules apply to each individual invoice.


-Completion time is usually 2 to 3 weeks for single character commissions, with maximum time up to three months. Larger projects which include multiple characters or animations may take longer.
-Client will be given a chance for revisions at the sketch phase! PLEASE let me know any major changes at this point. ✨
-A second round of client approval will usually be requested again at the line art/color phase, but any major changes requested at this late stage may come with additional charges. Minor changes or reminding me of something that I may have forgotten is absolutely OK though please tell me. 💖

-Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. I work very hard, and I want you to be satisfied with the art you receive.


-Final artworks will be sent as one JPEG version, suitable for posting on the web, and one high resolution PNG version, suitable for printing.
-If you have specific requirements such as:
-Image dimensions / resolution
-Character on a transparent background
-Alternate versions
-Specific deadline
-Temporary secrecy from me (if the commission is a gift, for example)

Try to let me know early on just because sometimes that makes my life easier.