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Commissions: CLOSED but open soon, stay tuned!

Current info as of: April 11, 2017

Winter Sale!

Single character prices have been lowered from $75 USD to $50 USD. Small cute characters are 2-for-1 if they are animals! There is also a new portrait tier because I wanted to have something kind of in between the other two.

Commission Process:

1. Email me at the address listed in the top image, or use this form, and we can discuss! Please provide as much detail as you can, and include references if you have them. Character personality? Mood? If there is a specific pose or expression you would like the character to have, etc. I will give you an exact quote and confirm when work will begin.

2. Give me your preferred email address for Paypal and I will send you an invoice! I prefer payment in full at this point, but I can also do half up front and half upon rough approval.

3. Rough approval. This sketch should give a very good idea of what the final will look like.

4. When the rough is approved, I'll finish work on everything, and send you an update when it's all done!

5. Final approval. Chance for small revisions/changes.

6. Final images sent! One at a size suitable for viewing on a screen, and a larger one suitable for printing at 300 dpi (sketch commissions are screen res only).

-Won't draw: porns. classy nudes = ok
-Talk to me about what you want for a background, if you're interested in that. Something outside/organic is usually better/cheaper. Buildings and/or mechanical stuff is time-consuming.
-If you want something that's not listed, don't be afraid to email me, we can talk about it!
-Max time from the start to complete is two weeks, but average is less than one week.

Payment Info: I accept Paypal only.
Please contact me for a quote! :D

~~ Current Commission Slots ~~
1. Nyro anim, portraits done!
2. cherry tree couple pic! done!
3. leona done!
4. double hug portrait done!
5. science! done!